Sharing libraries, folders or documents: Access denied error on different SP sites

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I've got an issue in one tenant with multiple sites (all created a few years ago with a template). I can't share documents, folders, or libraries with internal and external users. If I give a user access on site-level, the sharing is working (even on files/folders/libraries with unique permissions.


I saw that the Limited-access Lockdown feature was activated so I disabled it. Since then, I can use the share buttons on SP but I have to give users permissions (read is enough) on site-level. Otherwise, they get the error that they haven't access. 


Anyone an idea of what this could be? Other sites (not created by the template) are working fine in the same tenant. If I create a subsite in one of the affected sites, everything is working fine in the subsite.


I've set de site features and site collection features already as default (created a new modern site to compare). The only difference is that the sites with the issue show the role of "Anonymous users" on site-level. 


I hope that someone can help me out here in the right direction ;-).

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