Sharing individual list items

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Pretty sure something is broken here.


Need to share an individual list item to a tenancy user who has no access the list.  It sends the email successfully, but the user get a access denied.


Strange because if it was a document library, then everything works perfectly.


Can anyone confirm this behaviour?

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Is the document library in a modern SPO site?
Lists do not have the same Sharing mechanism as a Document library. You cannot share a list item itself. You have to directly provide permission to a list Item then provide a link to the item. If your linking to the list then they will need limited access to the list etc. as well. I honestly don't recommend using lists in that manner because it can get messy fast.

The question is about a Custom List not a Document Library.  And it is Modern Experience.

Christopher - Are you sure?  Here is a MS support article Share a list item in SharePoint Online Updated October 31, 2016.


Interesting never really seen that there. It’s basixally just sending a link to the document thou you don’t get the anyone or in org options. I’m going to have to poke around on this tomorrow but specific people option just adds the permission to the list item directly and sends an email pretty much what I was saying it just does it for you. If it’s working that’s a different matter ;). What happens if you click the details on that item you shared and manage access on it?

Hi again Christopher.  Thanks very much for your time to look at this.  I guess I have accepted that something is broken; just want to confirm that it's a MS problem and not something I'm missing.


List item before sharing...




Here is the sharing process using the SP Share button....




Everything you say is the same as what I experience.  From the "sharer" pov, everything looks to have worked.  The item permissions are changed to include the new share.  Here I have shared with one internal employee and one external guest.


List item after sharing....



Everything seems to have worked.  However - the recipient receives the notification email but cannot open the item.  This goes for internal and external users.

can you link the URL the e-mail is linking too? Wondering if it's trying to send them to a list? Also make sure your list itself isn't using Approval or you could run into issues where they can't see the items till they are approved even if they have permissions, only full permission people can see till approved. etc. etc. could be something with that?

Standard custom list.  No approval, item level permissions, versions, etc.


The List URL:


The list item URL:

What is sent when I use Share: Specific people (the bit on the end is different every time I share):

best response confirmed by Mike Fairley (Occasional Contributor)

I just tested out your scenario on mine and it works. Can you see if you have this site/site collection feature on?


Christopher - you are a legend !!!!


I knew it would be something simple.  The Site Collection feature, Limited-access user permission lockdown mode needs to be NOT active and everything works well.


But....I remember a few years ago I needed to make it Active for another reason (which I have forgotten).  I just remember it was very important at the time.  Something about 'pages' I think.


Can you perhaps present some pros and cons for the Limited-access user permission lockdown mode being either Active or Inactive?  I don't really understand it, and the description in Site Settings is not clear.

Yeah, was going to say to turn it off if it was On :P. Glad it worked out! I'm not exactly an expert at that particular feature so wouldn't be much help, I just know it can cause some issues with sharing :).

@Mike Fairley It appears as of an update April 24th, 2019 that we can no longer share individual list items.

Hi Mike 

This is exactly what I needed!