Sharing from Multiple News Sections in One Digest?


We are building a News site as we develop an internal communications program. Is it possible to develop multiple news sections (one for HR, one for another department, etc.) that can be culled from in a single digest? Right now, if I try to create a second "news" section, it pulls the news that was added in the first news section, so even having two news sections seems far-fetched. Just wondering about the possibilities.

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Hi @Joni_Kirk if you create a hub site and have several other sites associated to it, e.g. HR, Finance, Operations etc you can then have several news web parts on the "top level" hub site and each displays news from a specific site in the hub. If you use the news digest facility at the top level this can present news from any of the sites in the hub. It's what we are doing.

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@Joni_Kirkto keep things simple add a column "Department" to the News Post content type and enter the values for your departments. Create pages for your departments and filter the news on that page by the department column. On the main News page dont filter by department. Make sure you create the site as a communication site so you don't get lumbered with the left Nav. 


You can use that approach to filter any sort of categories of news, like Important, or Social etc. 


It gets a bit more complicated if you have a lot of content for each department and need to have a site per department and a Hub site might be the best way to go, which the other person that replied mentioned.

@Andrew Hodges This is an idea for news by department, but doesn't help with the news digest (email) functionality. I'm not sure that what I want to do is supported by SharePoint. 

@Joni_KirkI have used the new email functionality but hadn't realised it was called a digest. From what I understand it is possible as long as you can add a Webpart somewhere in your site that shows a feed of all the news.  Using the Department column idea create a page and add a news Webpart that shows all news from the site. Click see all and then use the digest functionality to send news items in email from any of the departments. 

Thanks, @RobElliott and @Andrew Hodges. I've been experimenting with this. When showing up on our hub site, the news from different sites is identified as such. However, if I do a digest (because we do email out a weekly digest), the departmental label from the different sites disappears. One of our execs really wants to see news by department. Thoughts?


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