Sharing files from OneDrive - Access Denied

Copper Contributor

Hi Everyone,


I have a user who is sharing a file via File Explorer > OneDrive > Share > Send to internal users.


It rarely happens but sometimes a user will get the Access Denied message when clicking on the link that's in the auto generated email.  But copying the link from File Explorer > OneDrive > Share > Copy works fine for the same user, same file.


After comparing the link from the email (top link below) and doing the Share > Copy (bottom link below) you can see that the first link has "?e=4%3aMrXAdM&at=9" at the end.


I'm assuming this is what's causing the denial?  and if so, is there a way to have that extra "?e=4%3aMrXAdM&at=9" not generated?  And/or, what is it mean?







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