Sharing failed: Sharing web is blocked for Teams channel site

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Hi all,


We have been previously able to share a SharePoint Online site that's created through a Private Channel with internal/external people. The reason for doing this is mostly because we don't want them in the Team which can provide them with access to other Standard Channels.


Recently, I have noticed that that "Site permissions" link is no longer available in SharePoint Online sites created through Private Channels.


I manually created the URL by adding "_layouts/15/people.aspx" and accessing the page, but I still can't add internet or external members. The error I receive is: Sharing failed: Sharing web is blocked for Teams channel site.


 Screenshot with error:




Do you know if this is something Microsoft has changed, or an inadvertent setting change in SharePoint or Teams Admin Center?


Before or SharePoint Online site of a Team:


Now in SharePoint Online Sites created through Private Channels:





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Hello @MichaelDelpach, i had the same issue.

First of all sorry about my bad english :grinning_face_with_sweat:


I tried share from a private channel on teams, then i can't share with another external users.

You should use a public channel in your team.



Hi Alex,

Sorry, I cannot take that as a workaround/solution. The whole point of me using a Private Channel is because I don't want the content in that channel to be accessible by the entire Team.




I have same problem.

Use this link :

You can create a new group and add users or use an existing group.

Sorry for my english.