Sharing and permissions on Sharepoint site

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I have set up a communications SharePoint site. What settings do I need to edit to enable anyone within my organization with an organization email address to view (read-only) the site if they have a link?





  • Only people in my organization can view/read the site
  • I do want visitors with read-only access to be able to leave comments.
  • I do want visitors to be able to access and download files


  • I don't want the site to be accessible to the public.



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@jinibob Add the "Everyone except external users" group (a pre-defined group that already exists in your tenant) with Read access to the site (i.e. to the Visitors group in the communication site) and you will be able to achieve all of your outcome goals. If you want Visitors to be able to leave comments on pages, make sure that the Comments toggle is "on." Read permissions will take care of allowing Visitors to view and download documents and add comments to pages where comments have been enabled.