Sharing and Guest accounts


I have noticed when sharing a folder or file in sharepoint that sometimes a guest account gets created in Azure AD.

Is an account only created if you share with someone from outside your organisation that is also using a MS 365 Tenant ?


I ask as if I share files with a gmail or ntlworld account they do not get created in AzureAD but I notice other domains do.


Thanks for any clarification.

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An external user is going to be created in your Azure AD no matter if the user has a professional account or any other account (GMail)
Is there a scenario where my explanation would occur ?
I have just seen another user in my logs get created by someone sharing a file with them and am guessing the user that got created is using a tennant too.
So I created a gmail account, and shared a file with it from my OneDrive, all works fine, the new gmail user was prompted for a code which got emailed after and it could access the file. No new account created in AAD though which is why I assumed non-ms accounts and non-tennants were not created.