Sharing access to a folder with external users for certain time period


So, sometimes we need to share access to the Document Library or a particular folder in that Document Library with external consultants. As these kind of access shares can be a lot, Document Library owner might forget to remove access. So my question is can we share access to the DL of folder for certain period of time, say for a week? After a week, that access will be disabled automatically. 


If not, how one can develop this kind of extension (or web part)? Is it going to be complex development?

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You can set the expire time on sharing links if you use the "Anyone with this link" option. They will be adding support for the "Specific" people option etc. but currently the Anyone link's are the only options that you can have auto expire.

We are working on adding support on expiring external access on a per site basis (i.e. they lose access to all content on the site at one time, not on a link by link or file by file basis). Coming soon :) Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

I have the same question. Maybe it´s possible to solve this issue via "DLP"? Is there a way to inform the site owner, that a link is shared for more than X days? 

Or is it possible to set up an workflow which scans the documents and deletes accesses, when they are older than X days?


Or same question, but different: How do other companies keep track of documents shared with specific people?

@Stephen Rice In my organization we create libraries that are restricted to certain groups.  Within the library we restrict some of the folders to only admins.  At times we would like members of the group who have access to this library to access this specific folder for a specific purpose for a specific time.  I don't use "Anyone" and use "Specific people."  Why can there not be a time restriction on this share also?