Sharing a OneDrive folder using "Sharing Link" Vs adding user directly to the Folder permission

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I am planning to move some folders from a user's OneDrive site to a SharePoint document library. to move the files and folders from OneDrive to Sharepoint online i will use the "Copy To" and/or "Move To" options. but for the permission i am planning to do the map manually. but on some OneDrive folders i found that they have been shared using sharing link + adding users directly to the folder, here is an example (where 7 users have been added to the folder permission, while one user is added using sharing link):-



and when i checked the permission for a file inside the above folder, i found the following permission settings , which mentioned that the file inherits the permission from its parent folder (the above permission), and the 7 users are showing inside the file permission settings, as follow:-



so the file got all the 7 users from the parent folder , but excluding the user who is granted access to the parent folder using sharing link. so my question will the user who has been granted access to the parent folder using sharing link, can access the file? because the child permission setting is confusing, as it is saying that it inherit the permission from the parent folder, but it does not include the user who can access the parent folder suing sharing link.. so not sure how i need to map this to the sharepoint folder? should i grant the user who can access the parent folder using sharing link, access to the file inside the folder?


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