Sharing a list item with a specific view

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I have a list that is associated with 2 views -

HR View includes all of of the list columns

User View includes a subset of the list columns


The use case is to share a specific list item with a user for editing.  The user should have access to only a subset of the list columns, so I want them to see the User View.  I have set up the User view as the default.  I find that when the list item is shared, the recipient has access to all list columns, not just those included in the User View.  Is there a way to specify that the shared list item should be accessed through the User View>

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Hello @Jim Myers


per default it's not possible to give permissions on views...


It's only possible to create personal view...per user...


Other solutions are:

- copy item's to another, public list with power automate

- hide columns in view, but you show all in the form (Power Apps) with roles


Regards, Dave 

@Jim Myers In SharePoint online, you can only grant permissions at list or list item level. 

You cannot grant column-level or view-level permissions in SharePoint online.

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