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I would like to create some kind of a button that would e-mail in a pretty format a filtered view to the a user.  Is there a way to do that?  The other question is how to format the Sharepoint List in a format so that it can be emailed and looks pretty?

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It really depends on where you want to create the button. Your options are the following:

  • To add a button to the list action bar, you need to create a SPFx (SharePoint Framework) extension.
  • To add a button as an action in the list view, you can do it with JSON formatting

@VeeExcelLearn Here's my recommendation (quick & easy solution - might need end user training):


  1. Create a power automate flow with "For a selected item" trigger
  2. Get list filtered list items as per your requirements
  3. Then you can send an email using outlook connector - Sending a beautifully formatted email from Power Automate (Flow) 

This is how you can trigger the flow: 



Another options:

  1. SPFx list view command set - It will added to command bar but need development experience
  2. JSON formatting - Button will be added next to each list item

Also, check replies on my similar thread at: Custom action visible on the toolbar 

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