SharePointOnline ShowEveryoneClaim‎ - Enabling and disabling it

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I have followed these instructions to enable -ShowEveryoneClaim $True tenant-wide on SharePoint Online.
Then I went to my specific SPO Site1 and added Everyone and now all authenticated members and guest users can access my Site1.
Since I do not want other site owners' administrators to add Everyone to their sites, I then disabled it using Set-SPOTenant -ShowEveryoneClaim $False meaning they will not be able to see the Everyone picker on their SPO sites.
My question is: is that OK? Will this Everyone group setting stick to Site1 and not be removed? In other words, every time I need to provide Everyone access can I simple enable it PowerShell, enabled on the specific site then disable it in PowerShell again?

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This is still an issue. I appreciate any help