SharePoint365 List Item not showing but does export

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I'm absolutely stumped on this. I have a Microsoft Form that feeds a Flow that creates an item on SharePoint365 for recordkeeping purposes. Starting on 3/16/21 with item ID 637, the items created as part of the flow are not showing up on the SharePoint list. When exported to Excel, those items show up just fine. I've checked the flow and it's working properly. 


A Power BI report that this information feeds reflects those items just fine, and I can see the descriptions and ID just fine there:



I need to be able to access these items on the SharePoint list to edit certain fields as we get a little more information. Those fields then go on to feed other reports and dashboards. I've checked every list setting I can find to see if there are just too many items (currently at 617 items, which doesn't seem like too many) and there are absolutely no filters applied to any of the columns in the SharePoint List. I do not have a View built to exclude any items (just on All Items at the moment). These items DO show up on my SharePoint app on my iPhone, but the one I created manually DOES NOT show up in the export or on my app. As stated before, I am completely stumped. 



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Just thinking on this further, it seems like the SharePoint list view I can see on my site is stuck in a static view, neither receiving updates nor pushing them out.
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When in doubt, restart. I cleared the cache and restarted the machine and it seems to be working fine now.