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What are the best practices for using sharepoint as a file share. ( Rights and tree structure).

I want to be able to assign different rights with management by user group.

I want to put the following tree structure:

Site sharepoint "Data" with the subfolders:

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Option 1:

If you have limited set of documents, you can create a single document library and add multiple folders inside it.

Then you can break permissions inheritance on each folder and grant access to user groups on respective folders.


Option 2: If you have lot of documents & those are not related to each other, you can create a separate document library for each user group (or department, etc.) and then break permissions inheritance on each library and grant access to user groups on respective document library.


Check official documentation for SharePoint site, document libraries & permissions limits: SharePoint limits 

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@Edwin335  A "rule of thumb" (Old Swedish saying) is to keep it as open as possible and to the greatest extent possible, avoid setting unique rights at the folder and file level. If you must restrict permissions, do so at the highest level possible.

For example, it is easier to maintain and get an overview of permissions on a Document Library than on individual folders/files.

If, instead of folders on level 1, you have, for example, four Document Libraries that you broke the rights inheritance on, you can have four SharePoint groups where each rights group has access to the respective document library.

When you need unique rights, there is always a lot of administration. This suggestion is not the most beautiful solution but it may be the least troublesome for you.

If you have a strong need to differentiate permissions, it may even be better to have multiple SharePoint areas. The final answer is, as so often otherwise, "It depends" :)