SharePoint ZIP service not working on document libraries with custom URLs.

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!Hey guys!


We have found an issue with the new SharePoint views for document libraries and the download function.


Single files are working fine. But when you try to use the "download" button on a folder, the downloaded zips are giving us errors.


We detected that it affects all document libraries that are or were created with a custom URL.


Ex: The library is in SiteCollection/Lists/DOCUMENTLIBRARY instead of SiteCollection/DOCUMENTLIBRARY.


This is affecting all of our old created libraries from years ago, and we can't create any new ones with a custom URL since it affects this functionality.


I suspect it has something to do with the API SharePoint uses to zip the content (, and that it isn't able to zip files from a library with a custom URL.


There isn't much information about this issue (that I could find at least).


¿Does someone know more about this?


¡Thank you!

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