SharePoint will download URL and not open in browser from Document Library

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Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone knows a fix for this and its a little confusing so bare with me.  We have a document library with a URL link to another document library that we want to open in the browser.  However when it is click on from Document Library web part it actually downloads the URL.  To make it even more confusing when you click on the URL from Site Contents > Documents > Click URL it will open the URL in the browser.  Here are some pictures to help illustrate.

Document Webpart.PNG

This will download the page when clicked onDownload.PNG

What we want to have happen is this but this is from Site Contents which users have to click the See All button to get to

Site Contents.PNG

When clicked on will take you to the EHS page


Hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated. 

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Hello @Alex Mans,


URL files download because of limitations with the Document Library web part.


Have you considered using the Quick Links web part instead of a URL file?


I hope this helps.



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Hi @Norman Young I actually decided on using a Custom List, looks like it will do everything we want.