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1. I am currently working on creating a SharePoint Wikipedia in a team's site. I am using modern pages. Is it possible to import/customize colors and fonts in modern pages as we have limited options? 


2. I am also getting a loading message error on the left-hand side of my Home page. Wondering if anybody else is experiencing this issue. {See attached reference}


3. I would appreciate it if anybody could direct me on steps on how to change the URL name of my team's site. {See attached reference}


Thanks for the help in advance. 

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My two cents here:
1. Not possible
2. Wierd, I have not seen this issue before
3. You need to be a SPO Admin to be able to change the URL. A SPO admin can make that change by means of the SPO Admin Center

@lorrainepomar  for 1) no this isn't possible, for 2) this is a known & reported bug so go to Site contents -> Site settings and you can change it from there. 


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