SharePoint Webpart view Keeps Changing Based on Screen Resolution

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I have a SharePoint site which I have designed, however, the view of the page keeps on changing depending on what resolution the page is viewed at. For example, the below is what I see when the SP page is viewed at 90% resolution:


Note: this is the view which I would like to see at constant (i.e. the tiles should be displaying 5 by 5). Even when the page is viewed at different screen resolution.


However, when I increase my screen resolution e.g. I zoom into the page and view it at 120%, the view changes to the image below i.e. the fifth icon is not fully displaying/has been cut off.



What I have concluded is that SP has a certain screen resolution in which the page is best viewed at. Am I able to change this setting to make the view to be static i.e. users can view all 5 tiles despite the different screen resolutions they may view their screen at?



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@eyeana14 ,


Please post more details on the configuration on this.  Your labels show SharePoint 2016 and Online, which platform are you using?  Is that the promoted links web part?  What type of page?  Did you use custom code to fix the tiles as the OOTB doesn't do that.  Have you customized the master page?  


I might suggest you post this in the SharePoint Developer area assuming you have custom code behind this.