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I have a problem with the SharePoint webpart Quicklinks. I used to use this webpart to make Quicklinks to folders in a document library.

Since a couple of days it looks like I Can't make a Link to a folder. Only to separate files. I have tested it in two different tenants and in both tenants I see the same behaviour.


Do more people see the same problem?


MAurits Knoppert

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How are you getting the URL to the folder? If should still work...

Hello Juan,


I hope I can make myself clear with these screenshots.

As you can see I can select a File, but I am not able to select a folder and that was always possible.


Maurits Knoppertquick links.jpg

Pretty sure it's always been that way. To do a folder you had to get the URL to the folder directory. in order to use folders.

Hello Chris,


For me it was working with quick links to folders. I saw another case with the same question from someone who had the same problem.


Your answer is also working, but when you want to make a couple of links to folders you have to do it one by one. And in my situation I could make a couple of links in one click.


@Maurits Knoppert 


I'm having the exact problem. Did you manage to sort this out?

I have just noticed the same problem. I am certain it used to be possible to create quick links to document libraries. I cannot imagine what the rationale for removing this could be as it makes so much sense to be able to link to libraries at the site collection level. Has this been removed by design? What is the alternative other than copying and pasting links, which I was hoping Microsoft was moving away from in its effort to make page design more universally usable. 




@Maurits Knoppert 

Hi all,


I noticed that I have the same problem again.


I hope that MS will resolve this again.@Natalie Harzic 

@Maurits Knoppert Was this ever fixed? 

I was able to use quick links to folders 2 days ago and now it's greyed out. Did anyone find a solution?


I'm also having the exact same issue. As of yesterday (3/10) I was able to create quicklinks to folders and different file types (.zip, ect) all through the web part UI.

Really hoping this functionality gets restored, as most of the responses I have seen tend to run along the lines of "linking to folders has never been possible" which is patently false.

@MMyers2320 Agreed. This was possible a few days ago and it's still greyed out.

It's true that it still works by using the 'from a link' function but when you need to do this for a lot of sites, the task becomes much more time-consuming. Hopefully they will fix this bug soon.