SharePoint Vs. Excel VBA

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I have a Excel VBA file which currently writes to a sharepoint list on an onpremise site. This list triggers off an approval workflow (visual studio workflow) .
Details ;
The excel sheet has a huge form with validations and also the approval matrix which defines the next approver in sequence. Upon saving the excel file, the appprover sequence is generated based on the input fields and is written into a sharepoint list using list.asmx and other custom webservices. Each excel file is a new request residing in a document library.

We plan to move this application to SharePoint online and due to the complicated VBA code, we do not want to replace the excel form with a sharepoint custom list form or powerapps. The form, the business logic in VBA, validations will still be in excel but we do not want the excel form fields to drive the approval flow. In order to do this, only form fields that determine the workflow will be put on a sharepoint custom list form and visual studio workflow will be replaced by MS flow.
The idea is to route the excel file to a list of approvers based on the metadata fields. The issue is that the user needs to fill in fields twice - in the excel form and the new custom list form.
Is this a recommnded approach? Any ideas are welcome. Option 1 )Having the user to fill redundant fields and avoiding logic inside excel to drive workflow Vs Option 2) having VBA code to write the approval sequence to sharepoint list which would trigger the workflow. Which is the best approach ? Since .asmx serviced are being deprecated, do I need to use list.svc in VBA to write to SharePoint online list?
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