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I was going through site features and found one that I didn't recognize:


SharePoint Viewers
Display to site members the names of people who viewed files or pages on their site


I activated it on one of my site collections but, so far can't tell if it's doing anything.


Does anyone have more details about this feature? Is it new? Does it work with SPO?

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@Colin Steger it might be related to Popularity trends, is it configured to work?

I have the exact same experience as you. On pages, I can still only see the number of total views, and within site usage, no additional information is showing compared to when the 'SharePoint Viewers' feature was deactivated.

Very strange!

@Colin Steger I have experienced the same issue. Is it possible to check who logged into a specific site and when? As an administrator, it would be helpful to determine who has successfully logged in and who i would nee to follow up with and assist. 



I also would love to know how his feature works as I have been wanting to evaluate "who's viewed" for a long time. Have you seen anywhere you can get this info from yet? @Colin Steger 

You can see the name of people who viewed on file(or page)  hover card. @Colin Steger 



@Ai Hirano thats correct. This feature is rolling out. More info in message center under MC195303

@Ai Hirano At the beginning of the month, I was able to do exactly what you showed here but it doesn't seem to work anymore. My SharePoint Viewers (Site Feature) is active. I'm curious to see if this feature is turned off system wide?


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@DatNguyen22 I faced the same issue in my tenant. It doesn't work now.

@Ai Hirano Thanks! Do you know if there is a way to report on documents/pages that have the most views? I haven't been able to find anything on that end yet.

@Kstropich  I'm sorry, I don't know.

Is/Was there any way to export the data?



 I too have a requirement to download the viewers details. I manage to view file statistics but it shows only 25 viewers details but actual viewers count is showing as 338.  Do you manage to find how to view the entire list? also how to download the details

Sorry, I have not. We will look into an app to collect for us



Thanks for your response. May I know which app? So, we can also explore



@azhicon  , We are exploring tygraph, webtrends, and cardiolog

Hey, any chance you found a solution for this?



any of these will provide what you want We are exploring tygraph, webtrends, and cardiolog

This is our issue as well; we need to know who is (more importantly who is not) viewing our bulletins, and the list of 25 is limiting, and no way to export data is also of concern .