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So I have a Sharepoint site that has a view that use to cooperate with me. I made some edits to it and eventually the view changed and I cannot get it back to doing what I would like for it to look like for me. Below I have images of what it currently looks like: Where the size is separated and in order for me to see the next sorting I have to open it up. I have it synced so that every 60 seconds I have to open it up again to see the numbers inside the sorting which doesn't sound that tedious but it is annoying. Below this image is what I would like for it to look like and what it use to do for me before and it was great.

what its doing.png

This image below is what it looks like after I have made changes in the list settings and is how I would ideally like for the view to look. This is what it use to look like but for some reason it does not translate to the page when I go to add the view to the page. I like being able to see the two items I have sorted but not all the individual items expanded out.


I like to see that in total sum (212) but I have qty (62) 5.5" instantly without having to expand out each time.What I want it to do.png

If there is anyone with an idea of what settings I may have messed up please let me know. I don't think I have anything changed from before. The only thing I have different from the passed is more itemed added than before. I use to not have so many items stacked up in my list so that is the only thing I can think of.

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Hello @tdavis95 


the only that you can configure is the grouping in the view settings and how you show that as default, collapsable or expanded. This will expand or collapsed your grouped view. 



You can try to play with this setting. But i think all groups are expanded or collapsed...not only level 1.


Otherwise, i see you use classic SharePoint views, i prefer to change to modern, with that, you can also use view or column formatting for a better visualization.


Best, Dave