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Is there a way to use a multi-lines of text field with the rich text properties enabled and SharePoint list view formatting?  When trying this, the HTML is also displayed making it unusable.

  "elmType": "span",
  "txtContent": "[$FieldName]"




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Hello Thomas,
I am having similar issue. Were you able to resolve it somehow?

Hello@Bhavpreet Bains ,

We did not find a way to do this with view formatting and I wish we could have.  We decided to go with a framework app to get us what we needed.  If at some point we do or if you find a simpler solution please let me know.




@Thomas Sjule I'm still hoping this feature becomes available, does anyone have an update?

@Thomas Sjule Know of any updates to this or any workarounds?


You would think a simple "htmlContent" rather than "txtContent" would be available to use, but doesn't seem there is currently...

@Warwick Ward Sorry but I have not heard of anything for this yet.