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i have a flow that automatically creates a sharing link for every file that is added to a sharepoint library.  however, for video links that are uploaded/added to the sharepoint library, the sharing link first opens on a "error" message: Hmm looks like this file doesn't have a preview we can show you. there's an OPEN button on that error page that when clicked will lead to the video and play without problems.  But my users will think that something is wrong because of the "this file doesn't have a preview we can show you" page.  what do i need to do with regards to the sharing link (do i need to change something in the flow, perhaps?), so that when clicked it opens the video without the "error" message page?  screenshot of error message below.  Thanks in advance.  apologies if this was supposed to be posted/asked on the power automate message board, but as the "error" shows up in sharepoint, i figured this was the place to start.  

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2021-10-13_23-39-03.jpgI am also having this issue with embedding a video (content type) from a document library to a SharePoint page.

@Olivia Dudley you would be much better uploading your videos to Microsoft Stream, another of the Office 365 apps, and then displayng them on your SharePoint page with the Stream webpart. Stream is optimsed for videos which SharePoint isn't.


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Try using the File Viewer web part to display your video if your video is already in SharePoint.
Please take a look at the future direction for Stream: SharePoint will be the repository for video going forward - with Stream providing the optimized experiences. Depending on what you need to do today, you may want to store your videos in Stream, but you will eventually want to store video in SharePoint.

From this link: "In Stream (on SharePoint), you upload videos the same way you upload any other file, and they're automatically stored within the SharePoint files platform. Videos are played, enhanced, and edited by the newest version of the Stream web app and embeddable player.

In fact, videos across Microsoft 365 (in SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Teams) will be considered Stream videos, powered by the SharePoint files platform. And just like other Office file types, Stream videos can be shared with coherent permissions in all Microsoft 365 apps."
thanks. yes - we use stream for all of our stuff now. but we have a repository of thousands of video links, across several different platforms (vimeo, internal video hub, etc.) - so we need to be able to share those video links externally - hence the flow to create the sharing link. but it's the "error" page with the OPEN button that needs to be pressed that concerns me. need to figure out how to make that not happen. thanks.
yes. we use it for new stuff. but we have a massive amount on other systems/services so it's just not realistic now. i simply don't want that "error" page to popup when using the sharing link to play a video.
Thank you Susan! Although the File Viewer web part does show the video, it does not allow for the following; Custom Thumbnail, Start From option, Auto-start, Looping, Toggle video title, Renditions.

For those suggesting Stream please review Susan's reply above. A solution is needed for managing a large number of videos and having the ability to add them to a SharePoint page as needed. This used to be resolved by using the Video Content Type. Currently, the embed link returns an error, which is not the intended functionality. How do we get this working? Or is there another way to accomplish video embedding from (without having to move loads of files to another resource)?
For displaying large numbers of videos, you can try the Highlighted Content web part. I have also used the Gallery View of a document library. The other features you mention are part of what will need to happen before Stream can be decommissioned as a content repository. Think of Stream as providing these capabilities for the content hosted in SharePoint.

@Susan Hanley  Hi Susan! Just to clarify, managing multiple videos by saving them to SharePoint since our company emphasizes cloud-storage only. I am only trying to embed one of the many videos already stored in a document library with video content types.


Ideal Scenario----

Videos stored in their current location, as is, can be embeded on a SharePoint page with the ability to change thumbnail, auto-start, loop, etc.


Current Scenario----

Copying the embed code provided returns an error. Video content types are not behaving as they were before, nor as expected.

Today, you can use the File Viewer web part to add a video stored in SharePoint Online to a page - but you cannot currently change the thumbnail or specify when to start playing. I suspect that functionality will be added as part of the transition from classic Stream. (I am assuming you are using SharePoint Online, which is cloud storage.)

For videos stored in other locations, you can use the embed code for the video and the Embed web part. I have not had any issues embedding video from Vimeo using the embed code or YouTube using the YouTube web part. The only thing I can think of is that you might want to add the website where your videos are stored to the HTML Field Security setting in Site Collection Admin Settings. Hope this helps!
ok. anyone have any ideas/suggestions regarding the original issue/question? how to make it so that the error message doesn't show up when a sharing link is clicked for a video?