Sharepoint - Video Link (sharing link) - Disable Preview

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is there a way to turn off the preview function for sharepoint?  i have a flow that creates a sharing link for all video links uploaded to a sharepoint library.  but when i click the sharing link i get an error message telling me that there is no preview available - and then have to click an OPEN button to get the video to play.  i really want/need to bypass that error message about there not being a preview.  i don't care about having a preview.  i just want the video to play when the link is clicked.  any way to disable that function so that we are taken to the video page immediately after clicking the link?  i'm using a youtube video link for this sample/test but i get the same error message even when the video is in Stream.  it has something to do with the sharing link and the preview.  any insight would be greatly appreciated.  thanks.  

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