Sharepoint vertical section is not fully responsive

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Hi all,

I have built a Sharepoint homepage using a vertical section (Chrome, MacOS) and placed quick links down the right-hand side. However, when my colleagues try to view it on Microsoft Edge, The quick links are moved either to the bottom of the page or halfway down and the vertical section disappears. At 90% on Edge it renders properly but doesn't seem to work at 100%. Surely if Edge defaults to a responsive version it should stack the vertical section on top rather than at the bottom? Is there any way around this? 


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What are the display resolutions on your Mac and your colleagues machine? If it's Windows, what are their DPI (magnification) settings? If they have a high-res (e.g.: 4k) display, it may be set to 150% (my Surface Laptop's display keeps reverting to that for some reason), which will impact how things are "reflowed".