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Since yesterday we have been getting an error when trying to invite new starters to our sharepoint site. This is a process we do for all new starters, no sharepoint admin sharing options have been changed.


I have tried clearing cache, in-Cognito window, different browser. Restarting my machine has also not helped. We have had something similar to this but it was a policy issue error and this just resolved over time. We believe it was a issue Microsofts end as it just resolved itself.


Has anyone else had this issue ? 



We rely on this to get them into Azure AD so we can get them setup on D365. If I cannot get around it I will set them up manually in D365 but its very annoying. 




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@TylerDavis I would suggest, Try inviting the new starters from a different device or network. If the issue persists on your current device or network, try inviting the new starters from a different device or network to rule out any local issues.

Also you can always contact Microsoft support they will help you to review the logs.

For more information you can check this:

How to Contact Microsoft Support - Microsoft 365 Today

I understand that it can be frustrating to experience issues with SharePoint, especially when it's a part of your onboarding process for new employees. I'll try to provide some steps to help you troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue. Please note that some of these steps might require SharePoint admin privileges. 

  1. Check Microsoft 365 Service Health: Verify if there are any ongoing issues or incidents with SharePoint or related services on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center ( You can find the service health information under the "Health" section. 
  2. Verify sharing settings: Ensure that the sharing settings in the SharePoint admin center are still configured correctly. To do this, go to the SharePoint admin center (https://<your-domain> > More features > Sharing > check the sharing settings for your organization and the specific site you're trying to invite users to. 
  3. Review User Licenses: Make sure the users you're trying to invite have the appropriate licenses assigned. You can check this in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center ( > Users > Active users. 
  4. Check SharePoint permissions: Verify that you still have the necessary permissions to invite users. You can check this by navigating to the SharePoint site > Settings (gear icon) > Site permissions. 
  5. Test with another user: If possible, ask another user with similar permissions to try inviting new starters to the SharePoint site. This will help you determine if the issue is specific to your account or a wider problem. 
  6. Review Azure AD settings: Check your Azure AD settings to ensure there are no recent changes or issues related to user provisioning. You can access Azure AD through the Azure portal ( > Azure Active Directory. 


I hope this helps!