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Hello all,


I have a question regarding unique permissions. I'm relatively new to SP (~6 months) and I'm trying to reorganize a newly built environment for my organization.


We have different Sites for all of our departments. However, there is cross-departmental work quite frequently. Here's what I'm trying to establish:

Human Resources has a document library with ~10 folders. Inside each of these folders, there are subfolders (several layers deep). There are a handful of individual documents, scattered across these folders, that require someone from outside of Human Resources to maintain said document. Is it possible to grant these one-off individuals access to the document they need, but when they enter the document library, the only thing that appears to them is the path of folders & subfolders that leads to the document they need?

Please let me know if I can clarify. Ideally, the goal would be to establish this scenario without having to break permissions for every single subfolder / file along the path.


All my best,

John Andrew

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Hello @johnandrewlendework


yes, it is possible. You can set permissions on every level, site, library, folder or document. In your case you can share individual folders, or documents, with other peoples.  With a direct link to the folder, or document, the user can use the document with individual permissions.


I don't like this scenario, even if it is possible. Many mistakes can happen with wrong permissions. I think it is better if it is either open or closed. In your case, I would create separate areas, or channels in teams, for collaboration.


Regards, Dave