SharePoint Transcripts

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Hi! I just recently saw that I can generate transcripts on videos in SharePoint, but is there any way to get the transcript downloaded as a standalone file?


If we could download the entire transcript, we could edit much more efficiency in Word than having to copy each sentence into a new document. Or we could use the files as captioning for videos that don't need audio updates.

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You mean videos done in Microsoft Stream and published in SPO? If so, you can download the transcripts from Stream

@Juan Carlos González Martín No, these are videos that have been created in a publishing software (Camtasia or Adobe After Effects) and exported as an MP4, then uploaded to SharePoint.



@Juan Carlos González Martín Is there any way to download a transcript when it is recorded on Microsoft Teams and then uploaded into Share Point (not available in MS Stream)? There is no option to download nor does Control+A and Control+C select all the text in the transcript.