Sharepoint top link bar links formatting issue

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I have added a few links to the top link bar but they are appearing above the logo in really small font which looks wrong, is this a formatting problem? I want to distribute them horizontally along the nav bar to the right of the logo.

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You might be added link under hub navigation. Hub navigation appear above site logo and site navigation appear right to the site logo. Font size of hub navigation is very small as compare to site navigation font size. If you added link using PowerShell then you need to pass parameter -Location "QuickLaunch" to add under site navigation.

-Location "TopNavigation" to add under hub navigation


1) Hub Navigation

2) Site Navigation

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@dorega754 Hi. I think the issue here is that you have created a Team site, and the navigation you want (a horizontal nav bar to the right of the logo) exists only for a Communications site. A Teams site has the left hand quick launch menu, a Comms site does not (and has the top nav instead). I think the smaller higher up top nav you are seeing is Hub site navigation. My attached image shows both top nav bars for a Comms site.


Hope that helps (and is right). 



Aha yes I think this is correct, I'm only new to setting up a site for my company's Intranet so still getting used to certain limitations. Thank you!