SharePoint to SharePoint Moves (MC220127)

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Why is this a good idea?  We're allowing content owners on one SharePoint site to carry forward sharing permissions into a totally different SharePoint site when a file is moved?  How will that work in practice?  What if the two sites have a completely different set of permissions?  Will the original permissions allow those users to only access the specific file or will they have access to the rest of the content on the destination SharePoint site?   What if the destination site is linked to a Team?  Do the original collaborators then get access to the other content?


Is it possible for Admins to disable this feature?  I don't think it's a good idea to enable this by default, permissions should be getting set via the Team with visibility to the Team & its owners.  (Or by site owners if the site is not linked to a Team).  Not hidden away in file moves.  If you have a different opinion then I'd be pleased to hear it.

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