Sharepoint theme error - You don't have access

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Attempting to change the theme of a top-level site on my SharePoint 2019 on-prem environment. When I select a theme and click 'Try it out', I get the 'Sorry, you don't have access' error.

As this is a test environment, I am using an account which has God-like privileges. It is a Farm Admin, a Site Collection admin, and has Full Control permissions on the site. What could it be that this account doesn't have access to? I have also tried with the System Admin account, same error.

Any idea where the access denial is coming from?
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Hello @Kvollero 

Can you try a different account and see if you still get the same behavior? You can also try doing this on a different site using the almighty account and see how it works.

@Gabriel Edo. Sibaja 


I tried both those approaches, to no avail.

Did some other things, though, and it's working again.


Thanks for the advice and concern.

What about the logs? You can open your logs using ULS viewer.