Sharepoint Task List for Vacation Requests

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I have a basic task list in Sharepoint for vacation requests where the New Task captures who created the request, Start and End Date, etc.


I was curious how I would be able to add company holidays and events to the task list, but it would be applied to everyone. I have a Powerapp created that shows their upcoming vacation requests and would like company holidays and other events to also show up in that list that feeds from the sharepoint task list. thanks!

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@as733y  Do you just want to add them, or also to update your flow calculation?  This will check another calendar if you have one.  Check this out - Solved: Sharepoint Online Calendar Check for Holidays - Power Platform Community (

Yes, I'd like to manually add the holiday/events and be able to give them a title, start/end date, and have it "applied" to all my users.

I was looking at adding another Content Type (Event)? But I'm running into issues.

I'll take a look at the link you shared, but I don't think that works. I don't have a flow setup from my task list to the PowerApp. Everything is set up with the current task list in SharePoint with filtering and formatting for each individual user. Hope that makes sense.