SharePoint (Syntex/Automate) Processing Failed

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We have a system setup where the user uploads a certificate to a library, it then uses power automate to move this to the relevant folder which works fine. Then Syntex works on extracting info from the certificate and populates the columns.


For some reason, from today a new column is showing that says "Processing" and anything uploaded is showing as failed. The power automate process works fine but as soon as Syntex tries to extract info it says failed.


Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?



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I don't know why it has failed, but the new column is a new feature in Syntex to provide updates on content processing (a welcome feature as it was often hard to tell if Syntex was classifying and extracting or not). It is possible that something has changed (I am having to republish some of my doc assembly models since this week for some reason). Wonder if someone from the product engineering team has additional input?
Thanks for replying so soon Mario, yes it's really odd, it has been working fine and we have been monitoring it over the past few days and today anything that gets upload where the syntex model is applied just doesn't process. I have tried re-training the model, remove the model from the library and re-apply but still having the same issue.

@DylanBrown  Since you mentioned the new column being added I definitely believe you got a new update pushed to your tenant for Syntex. There were also some changes to what is supported in seat license versus paygo. @Steve Pucelik @Ian Story 

Must have done, I managed to sort out the PAYG but not sure whether this has caused anything to change, it's really important I get this sorted today also.
Can confirm this has been resolved, following the steps via the admin portal this wasn't fully setup. This is now working.