SharePoint Syntex; 429 Too Many Requests while training model

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Hi all,


I'm finding my way around SharePoint Syntex. So far I've successfully added my test documents, classified them, trained the model and created my extractors, but having done that, when I attempt to train my extractors, I'm constantly being hit with a 429 - Too Many Requests error. 


None of what I'm doing is automated, and there's no way I've tried to test or train my configuration more than, at the outside, maybe 20 times today spread across 3 or so hours, so I'm finding it really hard to explain why my site appears to be throttled.


Any suggestions? Even after waiting the time specific in the RateLimit-Reset header, it still immediately returns a 429. 

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I'm experiencing the same error message and I have received that error message for the last couple of days.