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I am getting a syntax error when testing a date column. First, check to see if a column date is above a specific date, then multiply a given column by one number if true another if false. The formula is below.


=If ([Delivery Date]>Date(2022,12,1),[Weight Ticket Volume]*2,[Weight Ticket Volume]*2.56)



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@Nunzino_Pizza it's the Date(2022,12,1) that is causing the problem. This works (note, my SharePoint is set to dd/mm/yyyy format):


=IF([Delivery Date]>01/12/2022,[Weight Ticket Volume]*2,[Weight Ticket Volume]*2.56)


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Thanks, as I stayed up till 2:00 am yesterday, I found a space in the [Delivery Date_] column. Removing the space a to [Delivery Date] and putting the Date Function as DATE fixed the error. Thank you, Rob, for your comment much appreciated this is my first experience in the group.