Sharepoint syncing too many folder

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Hey group,


My company is just now starting to use Sharepoint.  We have setup a community site for the sole purpose of document sharing.  When I go to the URL of the new sharepoint site, go to documents and click on Sync, it creates the Sharepoint link in File explorer and creates the documents folder : 


Company name - Documents


But there are also many other folders showing up, that from what I can tell, are Teams groups, and other other old Sharepoints that were there.  I have read something about autosync being turned on, but I would love to know how to control it so it doesn't sync these other folder when i don't want them.


I don't want to have to go around to ever workstation and remove or disable syncing for all these different folders.  


All I expectedin file manager was : 

Sharepoint icon : Company name

                      Sharepoint name - Documents


Any help would be much appreciated



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Hi TerryBen - That doesn't sound right. When you Select Sync in a SharePoint library, you should only see folders within that Sync location. So if you sync at the root of the document library you should see all files and folders in that document library in Windows Explorer. If you sync a folder in a document library, you should see the files and subfolders of that folder. What do you see when select the OneDrive cloud on your taskbar and then Settings. When you select the Account (selected by default) tab you should see the locations that you are syncing. You can select Choose folders to view, select\de-select folders within each location. You can also select Stop Sync to stop syncing a particular location. If you sync another document library, you should see another entry under Company name for that library. Is that what you see?