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I have been tasked with tidying up some documents on our site and I have come across some documents that have symbols in a properties field. 'Activity' in my case.


As you can see below for some reason the activity is showing as ;#Asset Management;#. However the options available for activity shows just Asset Management. Around 190 documents are showing like this but most are fine...


If I check out the document, remove activity, add it back in and check in document it then shows correctly. I would just like to know why its happened if possible.


Does anyone know what causes this? Maybe they have been imported in some way?  






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Hi @TylerDavis 

",#" is/was an internal separator used in some field types in the client-side or server-side object models.

For example was a value in a taxonomy column internally encoded as "<taxlistid>;#<Term Name>|<Term Guid;", so i.e. "12;#MyTerm|b2614abc-17a4-4b31-f17e16b0a;"  

The syntax ";#CHOICE1;#CHOICE2;#" was used to store values for a "multi selection choice" column.

I think you changed the column from a "multi selection choice" column back to a "single selection choice" column and had this wierd side effect.

I also had these effects after i just switched a multi choice column back to a single choice column
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