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I have a SharePoint Online survey with ratings. When I export it to Excel none of the rating responses are showing up. So it shows the rating question/statement but all of the response fields are empty. When I look at the survey in SP I can see that all responses are filled in. I've googled to no avail. Thanks!

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Hi @Deleted,


I think what is happening is when you export the survey a query is sent to your Excel application. This query is then executed within the environmnet of your excel user?


If this user has access to your Survey list then the items that this user has access to is exported. 


Can you give some more detail on the user accounts that you are using? Are you running Excel  with the same user ((user that is logged into your PC) as the user that you are viewing the results with in SharePoint? 


Hello @Pieter Veenstra,


The owners of the list have full control and are getting no results when trying to export. I'm an O365 admin and also get no results when exporting. So yes, the same user is logging in and using Excel and SharePoint.




by "rating" do you mean a survey question Rating Scale (a matrix of choices or a Likert scale)

or the built in rating system found under the app/survey settings called Rating Settings that allow you to like or give a star rating to the items in the list. Just wanted to double check ;)


The only other thing I can think of is if the rating question was added after users took the survey, then their responses will be blank in the export until they re-take the survey.




It was Rating Scale in the survey itself.


I ended up working with Microsoft on this. They discovered that when I copied the questions from the list that the business provided, there was a tab in between the number and the statement. So:


How would you rate the team on the following:



If I had removed the extra charcters by placing it in Notepad first, I wouldn't have had an issue.


Thanks for your help Pieter and Chris!