Sharepoint survey matrix question or repeat question

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Is it possible to add somehow matrix question that does not revolve around 1-20 numbers.

I have a survey that manager should fill:




Let's have we have 10 managers each with 7-10 employees under them, and they all report to him by mail/phone about time that they need to do certain task. Sometimes he just look at the card on a each floor and save information.

He then create survey and try to sum up all of their tasks.


It is easy in Excel but impossible to do in Sharepoint Server 2019 survey for me.

Matrix/likerta provided by default only work for 1-20 numbers, and I need custom numbers + text to be included.


Can it be somehow done?

For now I worked it out like that:



but it is statik and each manager have different amount of supervised people - you can never know how many of them to add. Also he form will not look tidy.


If matrix is not possible, maybe adding repeat question is possible (I fill it for person 1 and i can click more people and it will load another same question in survey - it is possible but manually and not elastic i need to manually set amount of answers it takes time and does not look tidy at all)

Any solutions?



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Please help :(