Sharepoint strips off domain portion of Embedded image file path

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Hello all,

I have an issue whereby I am building a flow that will email the contents of a Sharepoint Online announcement list item to a group of people whenever a new item is added.  The problem is that images are sometimes embedded in the Body column of the announcement list item and Sharepoint is stripping the base domain portion of the URL path to the image stored in the Images library when the announcement item is saved.  Since the Body column is considered dynamic data, I have no control over the display of the contents of the Body field within a Flow email.  Aren't all email Flows built as HTML?  We get the "download the image" message when we open the email in Outlook but because half of the URL address to the image is missing we get a File Not Found error in the Developer Tools console.

This happens whether we use the "From Sharepoint" or "From Address" Insert options in the Rich Text Body column of the Announcement list.

Any suggestions?

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