Sharepoint storage quota auto resets

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My Sharepoint storage quota auto resets to its original value every 2-4 weeks. I set it to 1.5TB for my site but it returns to 750GB.

Is this a known Microsoft bug and is this being fixed?

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@amitkub did you find any solution to this? we are experiencing the very same issue with our large (classic) Sharepoint Online Site.

@mhi81 This issue stopped happening after I raised a case to MSFT. It happened about 3 times and then stopped.

I suspect that some background process in MSFT was resetting (restoring) the old value even after I was changing it (every week or something similar).

MSFT refused to find the cause for this issue as it got resolved.

@amitkub thanks. we still have that issue, and it does not stop to occur. 

We found some additional information how to reproduce it, more information here: