SharePoint Storage Jumped over 1Tb in less than 8 hours

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I have been diligently moving data off of SharePoint to reduce our storage use.  I use a powershell script to get the usage per site and check our SharePoint Admin Centre almost daily.  Our usage has been declining as I moved over 600Gb of data out.  As of yesterday afternoon we had 570Gb free of 5.27Tb.


Last night I received an email that we had 0.00 space avaiable and our tenant was put into read-only mode.  I used the Diag:  sharepoint tenant storage as well as powershell, and both showed were were now using over 6Tb of storage.  I had to add 1Tb of storage just to prevent our business from being down.

From all the powershell extracts, you can see the total used on our main site going down, along with the tenant used.  Admin Centre Reports Usage shows as of yesterday, we were using 4.7Tb.  All of this adds up.


Even with someone manually uploading Gb and Gb of data it's impossible we added 1.2Tb in under 8 hours.  I've created a case with Microsoft but am not hopeful they'll help.  



Site Used (Gb)


Tenant Used (Gb)






















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I am not sure I understand what has happen. Are you using 2 TB of data in SharePoint Online, but the admin center is saying that you are consuming 6 TB and therefore pushing past your capacity?
The admin centre was showing we were using 4.8Tb of space as were all the usage reports and powershell. The storage metrics on the main site, at the top right, also showed the correct usage of 4.8Tb but the individual subsites/folders were showing much higher numbers. It seems Microsoft support decided to increase our "used" storage to match the subsite totals, thus adding 1.2Tb of used space, thus taking our entire tenant down, until I purchased 1.5Tb of more space. They said either do that or "delete a Tb of unneeded data". Extortion.

@luvsql I see, that is a tough one...

My recommendation would probably be to identify your archiving documents. Then to purchase Azure Blob storage and store the data there, would that be an option for you? Please see the image below for the cost per GB. Note that the price does change a lot if you select the "Archive" storage type, instead of Premium, Hot, or Cool. 


For more information, please see: Azure Blob storage pricing 


It appears Microsoft support did a "recalculation" on our tenant and added this extra usage to match the subsite storage metrics which took our tenant down. I am now in many cases and emails tryign to get them to undo what they did as we had to buy 1.5Tb of stroage to get working again.

I've looked into the Archive feature, which would work, however, if a user needed to access 1 folder in that Archive, the entire archived site would have to restored, which would then fill up our live storage.

We need to be able to archive but grant access occasionally to users to one or 2 folders in that archive site. If we can never really give users access to archived data, that's not an archive and pretty much a delete.

EDIT: After more investigation, it looks like SPO Archive doesn't use your allocated SPO Storage quota.


What I originally posted is incorrect: "Just a note on the new SharePoint Archive feature. That also uses any available SharePoint Storage so still uses your overall SharePoint Storage Quota and won't get the desired results you are looking for in this instance."

What archive feature are you referring to now? :) With Azure Blob storage, you purchase separate Azure Cloud storage that is not part of your SharePoint Online storage consumption.



From what we read and also from what one of our Microsoft reps informed us, it looked like it still used any available SPO storage quota. We got this from reading the below.


"Storage consumption that is charged at a per-GB monthly rate. This meter is charged only when archived storage plus active storage in SharePoint exceeds the included or licensed allocated SharePoint storage capacity limit of the tenant. In other words, there's no additional storage cost for archived sites if the tenant hasn't yet consumed its already licensed Storage quota. For more information about storage capacity limits, see SharePoint limits."


But after some more reading (after you posted your reply) it looks like that's just referring to cost of archive storage, and that it doesn't actually use your SPO storage as per the following:


"When a site is archived, it goes into an explicitly colder tier, no longer consumes a tenant’s active storage quota, and instead drives Microsoft 365 Archive storage consumption. Being in this colder tier means the site is no longer accessible by anyone in the organization outside of Microsoft Purview or admin search."


So, looks like we misinterpreted the first paragraph and were misinformed. This is actually a great thing for us as we almost dismissed the Archive capability as a way to reduce our SPO storage but may now look to implement it (after some further investigation).