Sharepoint specific IP whitelisting in Microsoft 365

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If I have an O365 tenant and have created a new SharePoint site, can I only allow or whitelist some specific external IPs to access my SharePoint site If allowed will this also mean that it will apply to my entire 0365 tenant and now these external IPs would also have access to other services that I have hosted in O365(e.g. Teams, One Drive, emails(outlook), along with from SharePoint or would it be specific to SharePoint site.


The aim is to provide SharePoint access to selected users of external organizations for collaboration but at the same time to ensure that they do not access these business documents from their personal PCs which is a risk as the business docs would now be available on their home PC's as well.

We don't have control over their assets for MDM enrolment, so don't think MDM would be a suitable remedy here. any other suggestions, please.


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You can whitelist IP addresses at the tenant level, but not at the site level. I think you have to take a look at what you could do with authentication contexts