SharePoint Sites Not Listed in new GUI for Move To and Copy To

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I have already contacted Microsoft support but unfortunately, they only lookup articles.  I'm not syncing these sites with File Explorer either as 1 site is 1Tb in size with over 1 million files.  


I have 2 subsites that are classic sites that I simply want to move files between.  The new GUI shows "Quick Access" sites which I have no idea how it lists the sites there, click on More Places and all you get is "Recent Sites" and "Your Teams".  Before, you could keep clicking More Places until you found your site.


If the site doesn't or won't appear in Recent or Quick Access, how do you move files?  Is this not basic functionality?  

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@luvsql you need to enable the ”new experience” on thos libraries. After that you can also try to ”Follow” the site)s). Then they should be visible as ”targets when you use ”Move to” and ”Copy to”.

Our libraries are already configured with "New Experience" and already follow these for use with Office Desktop access. The new GUI also does not have the "Following" like it does within Excel or Word, instead only has Quick Access, Recent and Your Teams.

I clicked on the "Pin to Quick Access" and it showed up immediately. Not even Microsoft knew that was there.

@luvsql could you please attach some print screens so that i can see how it looks?



Before it had Quick Access, Recent and Your Teams.  None of which listed the site I needed to move to, nor anyway to browse more sites.

More Places.png

Then after, I went to the site, clicked on Pin to Quick Access.  It won't let me add another screenshot so will have to add it to another reply.



@luvsql After click Pin to Quick Access it shows now in the Move To and Copy To.Pin to Quick Access.png

@luvsql  I almost never use the "Quick Access" and i do not know why your sites don't show up. BUT, Move to and Copy to should be available on all modern document libraries in SharePoint sites regardless of how you navigate to them.
"Following" should also be available when you are inside the respective SharePoint site. (see the upper right corner in attached picture) and if you follow a site it should be visible when you later use "Move to" or "Copy to".


@luvsql Thank you!
This saved me a lot of frustration!

@luvsql - did you find a good solution? We're experiencing the same issue when trying to move files between sites. No way to navigate to most of the SharePoint sites that are not connected to Teams.
Thanks for this, saved me a lot of hassle

@luvsql you saved my day and after pinning the site appears immediately.