SharePoint Sites Disappearing

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Just need to know if anyone else has had strange experiences with SharePoint online this week? I've had a few. One of which is very worrying.


  • Created a new site
  • Added it to our hub
  • sorted out the permissions
  • created a news article
  • created an event
  • Uploaded some files to the document library

Then 24 hours later it's all gone. The news article and event are still showing up in the hub front page as is the site. But when you navigate to the site, it's all gone. 404 error. The Office 365 group still exists. It's not in the recycle bin. We've escalated it to Microsoft who don't know what's happened. 







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Is the site in the recycle bin? Have you checked Office 365 Audit Logs?

That's the strange thing. Nothing is in the logs or in the bin.


MS have now recovered the site but I'd like to know what happened and why

How did you recovered the site?