SharePoint Site with external users immediately logging them out

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In 2022 we created a SharePoint site "Portal" for internal & external users. Sometimes external users would have issues signing in. However, now external users are able to sign in, but are getting kicked out. It's like SharePoint logs them out after about 2-3 seconds. They are guest users in the tenant added through the SharePoint site and not invited as a guest user in Azure.


Please any help, suggestions, articles, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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I had this happen with one user (we are the guests on someone else's site) and in my case it was a simple fix.

The clock on the user's workstation was off by about half an hour so I think that got them flagged as "idle" for long enough to be logged out. Syncing the time cleared it.

Props to Edge for saying it was an idle-out which chrome didn't.