Sharepoint Site Setup & MS Teams

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Hi there,


I am looking to dive into sharepoint/teams for integrating our file system and figuring out how best to set up the file structure/interface.


Currently out business deals with 100's of jobs a year and have a decent folder structure we would like to keep which I want to use for a sharepoint site. These jobs can run at various stages for 2-3 years so need to be kept active throughout the job lifespan.


How I thought about it working would be to create a sharepoint site for an individual job -> use a template file structure etc -> integrate into MS teams. The issue with that is each Sharepoint site creates a new team on MS teams, which with 100's of jobs, this will get very messy/hard to manage through teams.


Another way would be to create a team for each group (maybe the year 2020/2021) and have the jobs ordered as channels within that group, however this seems to create two different folder locations, one for the channel & one for the site created on sharepoint.


I am keen to utilize the file sharing/benefits of using a sharepoint site directly for each job as it seems like the way to go. Is there any other way this could be set up that would avoid the data double up or using 100's of teams for each job?

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