Sharepoint site permission description makes no sense in my language (Dutch)

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Hello, there:


I have encircled a piece of text in the permissions pane of a Sharepoint site in Dutch:


"Uw organisatie geen gasttoegang nodig is verloopt."


The problem is: it has no meaning in my language (Dutch). The translation is incorrect, and it's confusing.


Can anyone tell me what it reads in English? I'll take it from there.


Thanks in advance,







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@Martin LaplanteThank you.

So the original text is: "Your organization does not require guest access to expire." Oddly enough, Ms Language Portal relates it to OneDrive, not to Sharepoint.

It should be possible to propose edits. Uw organisatie vereist niet dat gasttoegang verloopt". is more correct.

And it would be nice for administrators if there would be a link included to the location where this guest access setting can be modified.

Just saying... :flushed: