SharePoint site member revoke access on folder

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As a site member of a Teams connected site, I can configure direct access to a folder. I can browse to folder > Manage access > Use the + icon to add a group or a user. However, once the access has been granted, I am not able to revoke the access. If I browse to 'Manage Access' link, I get access denied.


Is this a known limitation i.e. a site member can configure direct access on a folder but not remove it?

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Hello @Gurdev Singh 


as member you can't manage access, but you can share files and folders, but it's depend on your site setting. 


See for more informations here:


When a member can share files and folders, you can use manage access and the + to add more people, but you can't use Advanced settings to view the direct folder permissions. That's the reason, you can't revoke the permission. Only owners can manage the real permissions ;)


A tip: don't break SharePoint folder permissions on a Teams connected site, so you have 2 permission concepts, the one from Teams (only owner, member and visitor [in public teams]) and the other from SharePoint with fully individual can become confusing... 


Hope this helps for understanding.


Best, Dave

Great...Thanks. Our company has bought a third-party product that does exactly that i.e., manages SharePoint site permissions separately from its connected team site. That decision was not up-to us :).

While understand, it feels like either Microsoft should take out that + button and prevent members from adding direct access or allow members access to advanced page to revoke their existing shared permissions. Current status is 'you allow one but not the other, it does not feel and work right'.